Terms & Conditions

We at Cynthia’s With The Good Hair always do our utmost best to make sure that our customers are always happy and if on the odd occasion a customer does have a problem with any of our weaves, wigs or hair pieces or hair related products, we’ll do our best to rectify the problem with all means available because our customers are extremely important to us and we rely heavily on goodwill.

But we need customers to understand that if any of the fore mentioned items is purchased, then altered, adjusted and fitted outside our store by third parties or worn for a period of time that extends beyond a reasonable day or so, we can’t take responsibility for that item nor offer any form of exchange. The same can be said for items offered at a discounted rate. This is common and reasonable business practice.

If in the extreme case an item is found to be faulty through manufacture, we will sometimes offer to replace the item like for like but we urge you to make sure you’re happy with your purchases before leaving our store.

Hair Treatments & Prices